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Paper Packaging in Mauritius

The only threshold to create innovative paper-based packaging!

With over 35 years of experience in the packaging industry, we have left a powerful footprint on the market. We have evolved in every aspect possible to make packaging solutions more environmentally friendly, innovative, and adapted for our customers, fostering trust and better relationship with them.

Explast covers a wide range of possibilities for paper packaging. As a fact we are specialised in customising packaging for food items, tissue paper, medicines, candies among others. From plain to printed folded paper boxes, we try our best to exhibit your choices and objectives in our designs with a promise to satisfy your customer’s demands.

Our paper packaging department has amplified its strengths and capabilities throughout the years and foremost guarantees security of your products, practicality and convenience to customers. We have strived to provide excellent service and believe in surpassing our limit to give way to new creation.

 Paper Packaging