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Plastic Packaging in Mauritius

We are specialized in manufacturing the ideal plastic packaging for your products. We all know that certain food goes best with plastic packaging but still needs that luring look to attract customers. We therefore specifically create that one-off design to intrigue your customers and pull them to grab the packet and put it down the shopping cart.


Customers want to know what happens to the packaging after consuming a product. Businesses are more and more conscious about their impact on the environment and Explast is here to help them reduce their plastic footprint, and project a corporate image that is more relevant in today’s context for their stakeholders.

Explast ltd is a proud producer of oxo-biodegradable plastic packaging, which goes in line with our vision of being an eco-conscious packaging solution provider. These plastics are locally produced from polypropylene or polyethylene in combination with the well renowned UK-produced Oxo-biodegradable additive d2W. The d2w masterbatch from Symphony is what makes the plastic biodegradable. As such, “the d2w accelerates the natural process of oxidation until the product itself is no longer a plastic but a material which can be bio-assimilated by bacteria and fungi on land or sea (symphony environmental, 2019)”. It does so without leaving any toxic residues or fragments of plastic behind. The finished product is of high clarity and food-safe.


To further enhance our commitment to become an eco-friendly organization, Explast ltd also produces recycled plastic bags, made of 50% virgin materials and 50 % recycled materials. Explast internally collects all plastic waste generated during production, which are then recycled on-site and used in the production of plastic bags, mainly for the textile industry.

 Plastic Packaging